Sod Grass Installation  
Whether you have a sparse, weedy yard that needs rejuvenation or facing a barren backyard, sod installation is the best way to get an instant, lush lawn.
With Walker's Lawn & Gardens we want your lawn to thrive in the best way possible. In our sod installation projects, we go the extra mile and prepare your yard with a step by step process.
Before we begin the process, we will help you choose what type of grass is best for your landscape. We have access to several different varieties of St. Augustine, Bermuda and Zoysia sod grass.
Once we have decided your grass, we begin the first step. We remove your current grass, weeds and rocks in the area we are renewing. Second, we till the existing soil and add a compost mixed soil with cow manure. Third, we grade the soil in to a smooth flat surface or going with your property's natural slopes. Finally we lay your sod down in a brick mason like fashion, ensuring your seams are nice and tight.
After we finish your installation, we are sure to clean up after ourselves. Before we leave, we give you our custom watering schedule to make sure you understand the process in caring for your new lush lawn.
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